'The observations of Hillegon Brunt’

Imagine: you won't make portraits. But you do want to fit in your observations in a character. Playfully. Unburdened with gender or origin. Hillegon Brunt's drawings are interlarded with elements that, strictly speaking, have little to do with the subjects, like an onion, a table, egg, hand grenade, carnation, ball, bow or wind.

Brunt scans her environment for usable materials and forces them together, creating transformations that have been elaborated with humour and great precision, and in a technically perfect hand.
( Anuli Croon, Once upon a time... 2016)

  • speciale uitgave All Alone I

    Op vrijdag 1 februari is de presentatie van de speciale uitgave All Alone I bij Bosch&deJong boekverkopers in Rotterdam.
    Eelkje Christine Bosch schreef 2 gedichten en een essay naar aanleiding van de eerste ets die ik maakte in de serie All Alone.  Door het ontwerp van Art Collart is deze speciale uitgave extra bijzonder geworden.

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