The Master and Shining

The drawings Shining and The Master are part of the new serie Trophy's were I'm still working on.
material: pencil, gouache and aquarelle on paper

Shining (62 cm x 45,5 cm)

Shining (detail)

Shining in wooden frame (70 cm x 53,5 cm)

The Master (62 cm x 35 cm)

The Master (detail)

The Master in wooden frame (70 cm x 43 cm)

Into the landscape

'Into the landscape', 'Still' and 'Here we are' are 3 drawings who were part of an installation I made for the exhibition I'm not there in the Hudson Museum (1:15) in Rotterdam, 2014.

Into the landscape (51 cm  x 77 cm)


Still, (51 cm x 45,5 cm)

Still (detail)

Here we are (51 cm x 47 cm)

Here we are (detail)