I did some experiments with Risography and made this Riso (photo left) of one of the Landscapes. Here you can see the process. Every layer another color starting with yellow, magenta, blue and black.

Let's play,
observations and imaginations.

I did this experiment,
using a drawing and objects.

course: De Verwondering (SKVR 2019-2020)

Project terra incognita is an ongoing collection of new and old work in different techniques; a never ending story.

once upon a time... there was a stone

once upon a time... she was looking

From my archive: some photo's I made. I was looking for different textures. 

I did an experiment on my mobile phone. These photos are a combination of my pencil drawing sketchbook and pictures of magazines. 

I found these collages when I was cleaning my studio.  I like them, new ideas for new drawings. 

Let's play!